Pakistan’s First Ever Beauty showcase ever! #BeautyAndYou

In Pakistan a lot of different kind of showcases happened but for the very first time in Pakistan. This beauty show case was Pakistan’s first beauty show case ever!

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So i got an invite from cool & cool to attend this event!

Also, in Karachi everyday there are several events of various sorts but rather few are such that cater to women exclusively, one such event was Beauty & You. Arranged by Cool and Cool, a major player in cosmetics and personal care sector. this was the first ever beauty expo. WhatsApp Image 2018-04-23 at 6.27.08 PM

Beauty and You showcased many brands, such as Cool and Cool, Shower Scents, Jennifer’s, Make-Up City and Hemani. Also present were famous salon brands such as Mussarat Misbah and Nadia Hussain.

over three days started from the 24 through to the 26 of April, at Global Marquees, Karachi.

The event was a great avenue for the women of Karachi to learn make up tricks from the masterclasses that happened taught by industry greats such as Angie Marshall, Nadia Hussain and Mussarat Misbah. The class was free of cost and was a great way for women to know and learn from the best.

And when you talk about a Karachi event you have to talk about food, Brands such as Subway, Dunkin’ Donuts and Naurus serving up yummy sandwiches and slushies. The food court was well equipped and gave out a pleasant and appetizing ambience.
Beauty and You was the first time a beauty expo had taken placeWhatsApp Image 2018-04-24 at 11.43.57 AM

but HEYYY its not the end yet! this is only the beginning stay tuned for the winter edition happening on the 7th, 8th and 9th of December, so see you all in December.


Hemani Herbals

Hey Everyone!

I am here to tell you guys about the PR Package i received few day back. So Hemani herbals sent me few if their products which includes :

  1. Whitening beauty cream gold with free whitening soap inside.
  2. Facial scrub in soothing berry blast
  3. Delicate Beauty Face Mask with macadamia
  4. Aloe Face wash
  5. Sun Block
  6. Body Splash
  7. Foot cream

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The ingredients written on every product are 100% pure. lets talk about the “WHITENING BEAUTY CREAM GOLD”. So recently Hemani herbals launched their whiten beauty cream range, which in total are 4 products in this range:

  1. Whitening Cream pink jar for women
  2. Whitening Cream with gold extract
  3. Whitening Soap
  4. Whitening Cream Blue jar for mens

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Hemani Herbal cream promises that it will help you in removing blackheads and acne. It moisturizes deeply and provides protection from the harsh enviromental factors.

Hemani herbals beauty cream contains shea Butter that are natural ingredients to make skin fair. The cream is free from harmfull chemicals that can damage the skin.

Its has 3 IN 1 ACTION:

  • Anti Wrinkle
  • Whitening
  • Anti Acne


Here is PCSIR report showing that the product is chemical free:

whitening cream report pcsir

These whitening beauty cream range seems quite promising. I will use the products they sent me and review it to you guys sooner!


Hemani Group established since 1949, has vast experience in the field of herbal trade.
This has been transferred in the production of herbal products to benefit the consumers in the most natural way.
The production takes place under strong quality control to provide the best quality essential for healthy living.

link to order yours:




Love Pakistan, Built Pakistan. -Hakim Mohammad Saeed.


Hamdard Pakistan, An institute which use business to inspire and implement the solution to people health problems. Hamdard Foundation has kept Hakim Sahib’s vision, values, beliefs and all that which he stood for alive in Pakistan. They organized Pakistan’s very first Hakeem Saeed Awards for the people who tremendously served their lives for the betterment of pakistan and worked hard for pakistan.

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The event was hosted by the gorgeous Dr. Munza Ibrahim.

The Award were Categorized as,

• Bravery

شہید اعتزاز حسن بنگاش

This Award was given to شہید اعتزاز حسن بنگاش –  A 15 year old Pakistani school boy from hangu District Khebar Pakhtunkhwa. He got the award of bravery for sacrificing his life while preventing a suicide bomber from entering his school of 2,000 students at Ibrahimzai village of Hangu, on 6 January 2014. His father Mujahid Ali Bangash received the award.

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• Leader, Visionary and Social Change Makers

This Award was given to,

Dr. Adeeb Rizvi

Dr. Rizvi is the president of the Transplant Society of Pakistan. Dr. Rizvi led a team of SIUT surgeons that performed the first successful liver transplant on an infant in Pakistan.


Dr Abdul Bari Khan.

ABDUL BARI KHAN, Founder, Indus Hospital Dr. Abdul Bari Khan began working as a cardiac surgeon. Great contribution to medicine in Pakistan. He is the Founder of the Indus Hospital, a highly successful, free of cost hospital in  Karachi.

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Sister Ruth Lewis

Sister Ruth has been in charge of the Darul Sukun home for around 150 mentally and physically disabled people, mostly children and teenagers. She has been listed among people in Imran Aslam’s book on the men and women who shaped Karachi.

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Dr Atta-Ul-Rehman

Atta-ur-Rahman is the most decorated scientist of Pakistan and  has discovered a large number of natural products, many of which have exhibited exciting biological activities. He has developed biomimetic synthetic approaches to the anti-cancer alkaloids of Catharanthus roseus.

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• Arts, Culture, Literature & Sports

This Award was given to,

Sarfaraz Ahmed

Sarfaraz Ahmed, Cricket Player of Pakistan. PCB’s Outstanding Player of the year – 2017.  Chishty Mujahid received the award on the behalf of Sarfaraz Ahmed

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Anwer Maqsood

Anwer Maqsood, is a Pakistani scriptwriter, television host, satirist, humorist, and infrequent actor. He is well known for his artists write ups for Pakistan Television Corporation

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Amjad Islam Amjad

Amjad islam anjad who contributed alot in Urdu poetry, urdu drama and lyrics for Pakistan.

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• Lifetime Achievement Award

This award was given to,

Masood Ahmed Barkati

Masood Ahmed Barkati, who edited children’s magazine Hamdard Naunehal for around 65 years, passed away after a protracted illness. Mr Barkati was a close to Hakim mohammad saeed.

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                      New logo of Hamdard Pakistan

Hamdard Pakistan which has been part of our lives for more than a decade now, yes , they are there for more than 110 year now. Over these years, Hamdard Pakistan had remained the same, however, in order to connect with the younger audiences, the brand is going for a Corporate Revamp. As part of this revamp, the new logo of Hamdard Pakistan was unveiled at the event to mark a new chapter continuing the legacy of Hamdard Pakistan.

Crafting new vision, Accelerating with Excellence, Propelling further with determination. The launch of new logo of hamdard.

ba793683-c5e5-481b-8f30-2f97f2357b80.jpgWhatsApp Image 2018-01-24 at 5.15.39 PM


Ishq pakistan Qawwali – A tribune to those exemplary and humble pakistanis who go through their endless heroism, displayed in the best manner. also, have done remarkable things for our country just for the endless ishq for Pakistan.

This Qawwali makes every pakistani Patriotic and gives actual Goosebumps.

میرا عشق ہے پاکستان۔

New TVC of Hamdard Pakistan:

💚 آج بھی ھمدرد کا سفر رواں دواں ہے، آج بھی وہ ھمدرد ہمارے درمیاں ہے۔

About Hamdard :

Hamdard Foundation Pakistan (HFP) was established by Hakim Mohammed Said in order to control and regulate the funds, being handed over to it by HLWP, to use them for the promotion of health, education and social uplift programmes according to his vision and mission – service to nation and humanity. He was shot dead and become a martyred on 17th October 1998 at the door step of his Karachi Clinic from where he had started his journey towards making of ‘Hamdard Pakistan’.

Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said has gone to his heavenly abode, but Hamdard’s journey, under the guidance of Mrs. Sadia Rashid, daughter of Shaheed Hakin Mohammad Chairperson, Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf) Pakistan and President, Hamdard Foundation Pakistan, towards further development and future growth is in progress.

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• The King of Couture HSY leads the walk as ShowStopper for Royal Tag at Pantene HUM Bridal Couture Week 2017

Royal Tag is luxury compilation offering blend of fashion and comfort. Royal Tag is personal exploration of lifestyle of Royal families. From trendy western silhouettes nipped and tucked with three piece luxurious suits and blazers to traditional outfits is all about craftsmanship and creativity which gives you the looks of modern era.

 Royal Tag, Premium Quality Men’s Wear Clothing Brand showcased their exclusive  Winter Collection 2017 at Pantene HUM Bridal Couture Week 2017 with the theme “Modern Man”. 

Royal Tag set a benchmark for other retail brands towards fashion industry by participating in HUM Bridal Couture Week for the first time. Hassan Sheharyar Khan well known as HSY was the show stopper for Royal Tag in Blue Check Suite with Red Scarf. Hassahn Shehryar Khan, Aimal Khan, Muhammad Ali, Rohail Pirzada shared their excitement even before going to the ramp for Royal Tag “Modern Man” Collection.

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Royal Tag offers a range of luxury 3 piece suit, blazers, jackets (leather and parashoot), formal shirts, casual shirts, formal pants, chinos, basic 5 pockets, jeans, kurta’s, shalwarsuit and waistcoat collection.

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Elegant suiting, waistcoat upholding the attitude of classic gentleman with a modern twist on fabric and styling, comfy round neck pull over sweaters and Blazers of silk and polyester and traditional shalwar kameez leaves you no option but to shop.  

Elegance and class is essential trait for every gentlemen and Royal Tag takes care of it.

Models seen on the ramp for “Royal Tag’s Modern Man Collection” include Aimal Khan, Ali Qureshi, Anwar Khawar, Atiq Rehman, Hamza Toor, M Mohsin Ali, Meer Khan, Munsif Ali Khan, Nabeel Khan, Nabeel Zuberi, Rohail Pirzada, Salman Riaz, Umair Khan, Umar Shahzad, Waleed Khan and Waqar Ahmed.

Ever used this hashtag #RoyalTag? See it for real, how amazing collection Royal Tag brought this winter. And you can see how Royal Tag is talk of the town.

To add excitement on this Jinnah Day, Royal Tag is offering FLAT 20% Discount to all. You can avail FLAT 20% Discount on the entire Collection by visiting


About Royal Tag:

Royal Tag is Pakistan’s Premium Quality Men’s Clothing Brand. Royal Tag garments are available in formal and semi-Casual wears, stitched to perfection, in a wide variety of choices from texture. material and colour, carefully selected to suit everyone’s individual needs and preferences and deal in Formal, Casual and Smart Casual Wear. The product range includes Suits, Blazers, Formal Shirts, Casual Shirts, Polos & Tees, Formal Pants, Basic 5 Pockets, Chinos, Jeans, Kurta, Shalwar Suit, Waist Coat and Accessories.  


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How I got Balayage fuchsia pink hair.


Hello people, i am here to tell you guys how actually i got puchsia pink hair dye. Since i am so much into experimenting new exciting things on me. So, i decided to do experiment on my hair, I know when it comes to your hair you think alot. I did too and then took this risk to dye my hair. As balayage was in too much and saw so many people doing balayage so i went for this option.

• What I was Actually looking for:

via: hamna raza’s instagram

This was the hair color  I was actually look for which is a blend of Velvet Violet & Passionate pink from Keune‘s new collection “Color craving”. This new collection consist amazing colors. But instead of Velvet Violet sadly I got Cardinal red because velvet violet was not available.

Guys, my hair color is brown and i have wavy, also bit frizzy hair. We girls get so worried before dyeing that it wont damage your hair, so I was. Had thoughts that would this balayage dye suit me? What if my hair get damage and cause hair fall? What if my hair get more frizzy? But thankfully it turned out so good.

• What I actually got: 

Indoor Look :



First she pour out both the colors in a bowl with volume 30. The technique my salon lady used was she sectioned my hair into four sections and teased each thin section twice with tail comb to thin out the hair that was to be bleached. when she got to the top layers, she followed the same technique, but instead of applying bleach right away she used tail comb to weave some highlights and bleached. she took the strips of foil and started applying the color.

• Outdoor Look :

• Results :

As I chose Passionate pink and Cardinal red and i have brown hair naturally, it turned out to be this. I didn’t get the hair color what exactly wanted though I was a little put off because of this but this wasn’t bad at all. Its a very vibrant color. It looked a bit redish in night time and friends kept teasing me that its not pink its red color but in day time my hair slayed and its real color turned out. All the game is in sun light. It looks like the top the top half is on fire in the sun light. I Loved my balayage fuchsia pink hair color. I love the color, I love that it can be both dark and bright, and I just loved the different tones. Also, my hair didnt get frizzy at all. They are so soft and silky, no hair fall. Overall, I loved it!

10/10 to Keune’s new collection “Color craving”

What’s your craziest hair experiment? and how was your experience?


People Who Inspire You – Sparkistan


Pakistan, a country which is filled with audacious people with immense urge to help the mankind, which unfortunately is overlooked or people fail to spot these individuals of noble qualities. Sparkistan – an initiative taken by Atlas Battery to show the world the sparks of our unsung heroes. To discover more about our stars, we traveled all over Pakistan to record their sparkling stories. Atlas Battery showcased 15 stories of our heroes in the dark and took a step ahead to show the world the real worth of our sparkling heroes.

Video link:

  • Yasmeen Lari,


Yasmeen Lari, is the very first Pakistani female architect who went beyond all the hatred and negativity to do something no woman has ever done. She went out on a limb to help and support the people of her country in their worse times, she replied to their call for aid and built houses for almost 35-40 thousand flood and earthquake victims.

She graduated from Oxford school of Architecture and returned to her homeland. Due to gender discriminant people, she had to face rough times but she coped with it gracefully and boldly because her soul purpose was greater than the hate she was receiving. She started her work after the major earthquake in Kashmir in 2005 and it was the turning point of her life. She went there with an idea of helping people that grew so big with the love of people supporting her. She made quality houses for people who were suffering from their losses in the earthquakes. She was a hero for the nation as she was the reason thousands of people have roofs over their heads- She was awarded Sitara-e-Imtiaz by the Government of Pakistan in 2006. She is also the “Wonder Woman of the year” in 2011. Her UN-recognized NGO Heritage Foundation Pakistan has been taking on humanitarian relief work as well as historical conversation projects in rural villages all around Pakistan.

Video link of this hero:

  • Zafar Ahmed,


ہمّتِ مردا، مددِ خُدا۔

It is said that,“Every life has immense value”. Sparkistan’s next hero proved this by his actions. Zafar Ahmed a brave firefighter by profession, a person who risks his own life to save others. He is one of those people who go on broke for other people. He suffered severe injuries while performing his duty,  working in coal warehouse on 1st December 2008, a wall fell and damaged both of his legs. He had 10 operations , for him the 10th operation was the toughest of all that was to save his legs.

Zafar Ahmed as a loving husband gives all the credit to his wife who has been a strong support for him and a spark to recover in just 5 months and after all that he has been through he still is as determined as before to fight fire and save lives.

Video link of this hero:

  • Masarrat Misbah,

Every year in modern day Pakistan, hundreds of innocent women are intentionally burned by the cruel and inhumane people of this society. With all that goes wrong in certain areas of the country every day, these helpless women fortunately still find a shimmer of hope in people like Masarrat Misbah, A humanitarian and a beautician, Owner of Depilex.

A strong-willed and confident woman with an open personality, Ms. Masarrat was approached by a fully-veiled woman right after she had locked up her office for the day. “I need your help”, the woman uttered while slowly taking off her veil. “What I saw, then, was an image that still fails to escape my head – I saw a woman with no face.” expressed Ms. Masarrat. For her that was the turning point of her life, she after that devoted herself to the victims of acid attacks and opened the Depilex Smile Again Foundation for them.With the tremendous amount of damage that is done to the face and any other affected area of the body, a typical patient is required to go through 35 operations on average, just so the layout of the afflicted regions can be restored. She helps her patients with the treatment and the operations.

Ms. Masarrat mentioned how ‘difficult it can be for a woman to lose her facial features to acid and kerosene burns, as our society rejects her. Up until 2005, the services provided at the Depilex clinics were free of cost. That same year, Ms. Masarrat officially registered Depilex Foundation as a non-governmental, non-profitable and a charity organization. According to her, as human beings, it is our duty to help these victims of domestic violence. Acid and kerosene attacks are barbaric crimes that need to be stopped. Delving into the severity of the problem, especially when “one cannot rely on the repressive and corrupt legal systems for justice”, Ms. Masarrat believes there is much more that needs to be done for the victims. As part of the organization’s objective, all of their past patients are now self-sufficient and productive human beings, thanks largely to the efforts of the foundation. She is the reason why hundreds of girls learned to smile again and face the world as beautifully and boldly as they should.

Video of this hero: